Hallo From Maidstone, Kent.

I'd love to know the story on that the r/n/s/ door , what a sight :)

the great Legend Giver had it in the 70s that the blue Met P6s were autos, the whites were manuals and I always believed that (is also what the traffic guys said) but as you say , no S after the plate so :eek:
Here we are chaps, photos by the Kent Police Photographic Dept taken around 1974/5 .
42 Kent P6 1.jpg43 Kent P6 2.jpg
One made it to the front cover of P6 News in 1998 ! P6 News Kent Rover.jpg
I'm neither of the Pc's shown in the first one, but it has been suggested that I'm in the second one going for a cuppa at the nearest 'Nick' !!;)
Love that second pic. It would seem that car hasn't had an uprated front anti roll bar fitted. If I were to drive that enthusiastically (cough! Who, me?) I'd keep glancing in my rear view mirror worrying that I'd see a similar sight! :(:oops:
I suppose you did not worry about the roll in them days as you would not have known any difference back then.
Excellent photos I had a look on the Dvla site,

TKY193S was last taxed 13 of January 1989

OKJ278M was last taxed 01 September 1984

What was odd is that the two Police P6s or Ex Police P6s come back as being Red in colour
not White I wonder back then if the P6s survived there service and was retired off if they sprayed them Red
for resale value as back then no one wanted a white car unlike today.
Kent's 'end of Police life' vehicles were simply stripped of all their Police equipment and sent off to auction for disposal. Nothing was ever done to them to assist sales.
For a short period of time, silver cars were purchased to obtain higher resale values. But that idea was dropped after the troops complained that they were not as highly visisble as was needed operationally. Also the additional purchase price for a metallic colour was not reflected enough on resale.
So back to white it was !
at the exact time that that P6 was trundling round with a huge great red stripe down the side and huge roof sign the MET thought differently and right through to 1977 shunned red stripes and weren't interested in huge roof signs either , I know which I prefer ;)


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I was always thinking that they had one blue light then went with the Jamjar stripe later I did not know they dropped it
anyone know if there is a company that makes the old jamjar stripes ?