Reassembling Series 1 - Wiper Spacers/covers around air intake panel


In the process of reassembling my Series 1 SC after paint. For the life of me I can't remember or work out how the spacers and plastic cover goes around the wiper spindles. My car has one large hole on the passengers side and one smaller hole in the driver' side. I have two plastic covers but the smaller one is squashed, Im wondering if its even suppose to be there.

How does it all go back together. I assumed that the plastic was a cover that goes on the outside of the air intake panel under the wiper but now I'm not sure. Any guidance would be much appreciated .
Found this in the gallery. Looks like the drivers side doesn't have any type of seal
From what I remember, there are 2 dished discs, one of which sits in one hole & the other stands proud of the other hole. There should also be some grommets that go round the inside edges of the holes. Plus the large brass(?) nuts that go on last thing before the wipers to hold everything in place.

Having said that, for various reasons, you sometimes have to make do with what you can actually fit as the spindle lengths don't always seem to be what they should be.

I'll try & get a look over the weekend & post some pictures.
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These are on my Series 2 V8 - I'll see if my Series 1 is the same.

UK driver's side:


UK passenger side:


I think they're all meant to be like this :hmm:
Next Question. The two wipers are slightly different. One has a larger angle at the end of the main arm than the other. Which goes on which side ?
The arms are not the same, there is a drivers side & a passenger side. Even worse, there is a LHD set & a RHD set on series 1 cars.
You can figure it out, the arrangement that has the wipers closest to parallel when parked is the right way I think.

Interesting, as I've replaced mine a few times, and never kept track of what goes where..
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The actual holes in the panel vary quite a bit I have a good dozen panels and there are at least three different hole sizes. I think they finally settled on the arrangement pictured above around the time of the V8's introduction or when they went to the cable operated system. The 2000 parts cattledog should show all types and how they are assembled.
My parts manual says for a 3500, and 3500S they are 137908 (2), so two of the same. Sparky's are the same as well?
Further investigation reveals just the series one 4 cyl cars have two different arms. The series 2 4 cyl cars have identical arms (though different LHD v RHD), and I wouldn’t be surprised if that extended to the series 1 V8.

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