Series 2 2000SC 'Strip' Speedo Problems


Hi All,
The 'strip' speedo on my 1972 2000SC is very unsteady and wanders all over the place. Got my better half to follow me the other day at varying speeds and it turns out it's registering around 5-10mph slow.
There is currently a 'new - old stock' strip speedo on Ebay, quoting: "Part number 545454. Suits cars numbered up to 40011803B 40100312B"
My VIN number is 43610486B. The seller says I need to check the parts catalogue to confirm if his one is campatible to mine. Trouble is, I haven't got said catalogue !!
Can any of you nice guys out there give me some advice on this please???
In case it's not the speedo itself, but just the cable that needs replacing a bit of help on that score would also be very welcome too!!
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Thanks guys, that's useful info. Mine is a manual with the 120mph speedo.

I'd suggest removing and lubricating the inner cable, make sure the angle drive behind the speedo head is nice and free, make sure the outer cable is routed correctly without any tight turns or kinks, and if that doesn't cure it, make sure that the nut holding the gearbox rear flange is tight.
Hi Eddy
I have a strip speedo from a 2000 sc that was a right off in the 70`s FKR 931L with just 2400 miles on it. Its rusty as hell where its sat in the garage for the last 25 years when I removed it. It may or may not work but you are welcome to it if you have no luck with the cable.
You have my contact numbers if you want to try it.
From what I remember they were never that accurate in there reading. Well that was always my excuse when I got pulled and given a yellow ticket to produce my documents.

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Hi Ban306 and chrisw, thanks for your input. Will check all the 'easy'(?) options first before deciding whether it's a replacement job!

Who'd have a classic car eh??

Personally I would check the angle drive is OK and change the cable for starters making sure its routed properly. Larger diameter tyres than original will make the speedometer under read.
I have just been through this scenario with my Land Rover with the needle flying about and miss reading. The cable was the reason for the uneven readings and I am fortunate living near a firm who can recalibrate the speedo. I took mine in and he has a DC motor drive which he can run the speedo's at various speeds and I was able to see the needle was steady with a smooth drive .
You could always just buy a cheap
GPRS digital speedometer that can sit on the dash just needs power plug and play.

I have one of those.. until I figure out whether I'm replacing the entire dash cluster on the 67 Mustang.