Sump off 2000SC


Hi all, nearly got the Rover bodywork sorted so moving on to the motor. Got a oil leak from the rear of the engine, probably main seal? won't be taking the motor out to do that so will just put a bit of oil absorbent material on the garage floor! Question is, removing the sump to check the bearings over the winter. Replacing anyway whether worn or not after checking crank dimensions. Anything else worth investigating while it is opened up down there? Looking forward to getting out neat season.
Yes, I would inspect the lower timing chain tensioner. The newer ones (Rolon) have a bad habit of loosing their rubber pad, resulting in metal on metal. Replace with a Renolds tensioner if you can get one.
As for the oil leak, my money is on the cylinder head `O` ring at the back. Well worth a good look as they have a habit of leaking when the rubber goes hard and leaks down the back of the engine.

Cheers guys, will have a look at the bits mentioned. do have an idle chainy type rattle so may be the tensioner. An old Rover tech guy who worked on these in the early seventies reckons the oil pressure relief valve chatters a bit if the bearings are worn or the oil is a bit thin. Was common then he says. My oil light stays on bit longer than I would like, hence the investigation into the bottom end.