blue to hard ?


a year ago we installed on front axle & rear axle the blue.
the customer says it rumbles and i can confirm that. which rubbers are nice soft?
the orgiginals from wadhams?
I imagine the bushes that J R Wadhams make are manufactured to the same specification as the original ones from Rover. They will be as close as possible to the ride quality of the cars when new. Any polyurethane bushes will 'firm up' the ride. I'm afraid I don't know which colours of polyurethane are softer and which are harder.
I'm sure you're aware that tyres will contribute more to 'rumble' than suspension bushes. Some tyres are much noisier than others.
good tip with the wheels! thx
the car has vredestein sport trac 195 /70 14 , I make very little pressure (1.8 ) on the tires and drive.

I don't have a good experience with rubber from wadhams, but he has probably no fault. the rubber bag for the gearstick was torn after a few weeks, the rubber for the de-dion also. rubbers of suspension-parts also

that was the reason why we decided to use the superflex bruches

... can someone report about the wadhams bruches for the suspension???

SuperFlex advanced polyurethane suspension bushes
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I don't know if the rubber gear lever gaitors are actually manufactured by Wadhams, but I have been warned that the new ones don't last long at all. The mechanic I favour recently repaired my very torn and decrepit original gaitor with some kind of glue, and to my amazement it is holding up well!
I have seen adverts for new pattern rubber parts of (allegedly) OEM quality over on the faceache P6 club page. The company are called Coh Baines, I think. Maybe try a DeDion boot from them?
I will soon be having Wadhams front upper link bushes installed, as my purple poly bushes in that location make too many noises. I will report back if that solves the problem. I am happy with purple poly for all the other suspension bushes.
I can confirm that the blue rubbers from Superflex rumble and are too hard in my opinion

If you drive the car only on the highway, then that can be good, but only with the right springs and dampers.

In the city, where there are often potholes, this is annoying
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