TVR Griffith 1992 (Rover V8) Timing


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I'm posting this further to my previous post concerning oil priming. You've all been very helpful and your replies have been very useful. I wondered if I might further seek guidance regarding timing setup (I am of course assuming I might mess up the timing).

I've attached a diagram of the set up on the TVR which I figure will be the standard setup for any Rover V8 of this era (1992). I just would like to check I have this right. The way I understand this is that I need to get cylinder 1 at TDC (I don't think my pulley has timing markers) and that the way I determine I've got TDC for cylinder 1 if that both valves will be closed. I then understand that I need to check that both valves for cylinder 6 are open. I assume the reason I have to check 6 is to ensure the cam is in the right place (ie. not 180 degrees out). Have I got this correct ?

Also, I've shown the valve locations in red. Which ones are the inlet and which ate the exhaust valves please ?

As always, thanks for any guidance which I very much appreciate.


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Yes, to clarify, the valves on No1 will be closed and No6 valves will be one closing and the other opening. Termed 'on the rock' which is easier to see as you go over TDC.