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    I had to fit a new oil pressure sender, and it worked for one whole day! Groan.

    I bought the same from wadhams last year , it would not work they refused to give me my money back.It took me months to get it back the woman at wadhams said that I had broken it.You can repair them i have done two of them.
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    Borg warner 35 sump gasket

    are you sure its the sump gasket and not the little round lip seal.
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    WANTED RVC rev. counter for P6 V8

    Not required anymore thanks to Mark Gray
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    WANTED RVC rev. counter for P6 V8

    Thanks for info' but I would like to buy one.
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    WANTED RVC rev. counter for P6 V8

    Wanted RVC rev counter for P6 V8.
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    Removing spark plugs

    Run the engine for about a minute, they will come out much easier when the head is warm.
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    Coil replacement

    Hi all I have a 3500 p6 1973 that needs a new coil, original one fitted is 16C6. what replacement part no. do I need. thanks for any info. Clive
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    Pump and Grill

    Marcus, I have sent you a pm
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    Pump and Grill

    Does anyone have a Mechanical fuel Pump for v8 also front speaker grill for sale. thanks clive.
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    manual to electric

    Hi everyone does anyone have for sale a Petrol Reserve Tap and the cable pull that goes to the petrol tank?. thanks Clive.
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    battery for 1974 3500

    Thank you rp6 1973 ,I've found Varta 072 (E24) 3 year guarantee 70 AH 630 CCA @ £73.00 just a small trim along the bottom lug to fit in the battery box. I may take a chance and buy it.The battery just failed ,was a Halfords HBO27 a perfect fit ,it failed one month after the 3 year...
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    battery for 1974 3500

    Thanks Sydney Rov p6 We don't have Centry 67 EF In England .The german Varta 072 (E24) nearly fits but a bottom lug stops the bat. fiting In the case.
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    battery for 1974 3500

    hi folks, Can any one tell me what battery make and model number they are buying these days. Thanks.