rover 2000tc

  1. G

    Rover TC2000 (Red) for use in TV programme

    Hello, I'm currently working on a short item for a popular BBC One programme. The item is a step back in time to re-live a well known person's childhood. The person featured in this item remembers taking day trips to Littlehampton on the Sussex coast in a Rover TC2000 that was red with a black...
  2. Paul in Washington

    Washington DC - 4th of July

    Here's my 1969 Rover TC 2000 in Washington, DC on July 4th, 2016. You blokes and ladies will note our official license tag motto, which I highlighted --> "Taxation w/out Representation" <-- which led to a we muck up over here with your majordomo old King Georgie back in 1776. But all is...
  3. MarkGray

    RSR Display wins award at Motorfest

    The RSR display today at Motorfest, Weston Park was commended when 'The General' Angie's 2000TC was awarded Best Club Vehicle. Angie is pictured firstly with The General and secondly with the guys from Gemini Events presenting her with the trophy.