rover p6

  1. BabySunshine

    Missing Screw

    Hi, I'm missing a screw for the rear quarter window as per the pic. The metric screws I have access to don't seem to be right. Can anyone tell me the correct type of screw I need?
  2. Tim_de_Ridder

    Stiff breaks With running engine ---> Bleed problem rear *Fixed

    Hey all I am working on the brakes for quite some time now and have run into multiple issues car specs: - Rover P6 V8 - Duel line brake system previous worked on: - Replaced the master cilinder <--- could not be saved - Rebuild the Slave Servo ---> rubbers and such - Replaced rubbers in...
  3. U

    Presenting - Ulrich the P6 (2000 SC)

    Hallo! New member here, just thought I'd share my latest automotive acquisition - it's a 1973 Rover 2000 SC manual. It's my second P6, the first was a 1976 2200 TC that I ran in the noughties, and have always regretted selling. Anyway, I happened to glance at Gumtree a few weeks ago, where I...
  4. T

    Rover P6 2000TC 1968, Swedish car, no rust, in The Netherlands

    Hi, I have for sale: a dark green Rover P6, 2000 TC from 1968, so an early model. Car is located in the eastern part of The Netherlands, about 2 hours drive from the ferry. It is a very nice car, with a good engine. It was registered in Sweden, all its life it was in Sweden, so there is no rust...
  5. MarkGray

    RSR Display wins award at Motorfest

    The RSR display today at Motorfest, Weston Park was commended when 'The General' Angie's 2000TC was awarded Best Club Vehicle. Angie is pictured firstly with The General and secondly with the guys from Gemini Events presenting her with the trophy.