rover v8

  1. thob

    Revotec Tailormade Cooling Kit for Rover P6 V8 or Triumph Stag

    I bought this one but then decided not to use it. I have it though running in a 2nd P6 V8 - it does its job quite well. It comes with original packaging. Totally new, hasn't been used. 15.2" Blowing Fan Laser Cut Mild Steel Powder Coated Fan Mounting Brackets 32mm Revotec Electronic Fan...
  2. Anders

    10 year old antifreeze, what to expect??

    Hey all, New to the forum, even though I’ve been reading quite a bit lately from the shadows! :) Now finally a proper member, I hope you could help me shine some light on a 1975 Rover P6B undergoing a what seems to be the beginning of a rather full-blown restoration. The car has been standing...
  3. E

    V8 spark plugs

    I have a problem with one of my V8s - it has been running sweetly all year but has suddenly gone into 'grumpy mode' again. I took the car to a mechanic here in the Isle of Man - he told me it was missing on two cylinders and that he changed the spark plugs. Unfortunately he is away this weekend...
  4. MarkGray

    RSR Display wins award at Motorfest

    The RSR display today at Motorfest, Weston Park was commended when 'The General' Angie's 2000TC was awarded Best Club Vehicle. Angie is pictured firstly with The General and secondly with the guys from Gemini Events presenting her with the trophy.