1. N

    Throttle return spring

    Evening All, I have a SD1 V8 in my '72 RRC and whilst removing and cleaning one of the carburetors I took off the throttle return spring, which I'm struggling to put back. Looking at several pictures on Google I have an incling that the spring previously was affixed in a 'bodge-it-and-see' way...
  2. R

    Throttle return spring

    Hi all. I have a slightly sticking throttle on my 3500S that often will not return to tickover unless I blip the throttle. Its intermittent and has much improved after cleaning and oiling the linkages. It now sometimes stays at 1000rpm but returns to a stady 750 after the blip. I want to...
  3. Rocky Ward

    Info. required with 2000TC Throttle

    Hi, I am restoring my 2000TC. I bought an abandoned and annoyingly incompete project, yes I know I was asking for trouble :) The engine was seized and I have it running nicely now, thanks to some new lids and stay up ethanol safe floats from Burlen (aka SU). My next challenge is the throttle...