2200TC 'overdrive' gearbox (on eBay....)

Hi all,

I just spotted this 2200TC engine with what appears to be an overdrive 4sp gearbox on eBay........

Rover P6 2200 Engine, Gearbox And Overdrive Unit Plus Spares

Now before anyone starts shouting 'they never built one...', I must just mention that I have seen a 2200TC so equipped many years ago. It was an L' registered car with an XC area mark, and I came across it in a Lincolnshire scrapyard in 1988. I actually bought the engine out of it to go into a Land Rover, and it turned out to be a 2200TC development engine. It had a very short (five digit from memory) engine number, and when I came to order the parts to rebuild it from my local dealer, they could only reference the engine number via a factory enquiry - which confirmed it as a development unit. It only differed from a production unit slightly, the biggest difference was that the carburettors were re-jetted HS8's rather than the production HIF6's.
Anyway, that car definitely had an overdrive fitted, it was a GKN unit mounted to the back of the standard four speed gearbox, and was electrically operated by a small rocker switch in the top of the gear knob. I'm not saying this one on eBay is a genuine factory test set up (I can't see the photos clearly enough for a start on this iPhone), but it's history could be interesting.
I asked the seller about the item and got a nice prompt reply but he's just listing the parts for a friend who doesn't have internet access. There's a phone number I can pass on if anyone's interested.
Looking again at the listing, there are clearly other parts there that didn't come off a P6. Eg. that exhaust/inlet manifold looks like a Land Rover one, or perhaps a 4 cylinder P4? So I'm now convinced that the overdrive gearbox has never been fitted to a P6.

And to confirm, here's another one (in better condition):
ROVER P4 60 75 80 90 100 105 S 110 GEARBOX


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Hi, Very likely, it's what looks like one of the 'standard' Laycock over drive units fitted to lots of cars. The special bit is the adaptor housing that mates them to the different gearboxes and the need for the different mainshaft, which both appear to be there. Plus with the extra length and bulk of it there may be tunnel issues.



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Definitely a Rover P4 gearbox and probably O/D as well. Could be off a Rover 80 as the manifold matches that vehicle as well.