3500 Rear Shock Rubbers

Yes, we have the Wadham's sleeves which he'll sell with the new-type rubber bushes even though they're not compatible.

I have a few pairs of new shocks (front & rear) but annoyingly they're all 2000, no V8. I can't complain though as they were very kindly sorted & put aside for me by the best local motor factor we had that unfortunately closed down, along with all the other Rover parts they had in stock including a boxed Wingard.
Of course the bushes fit those even worse.
Mark Gray says he can look into costing original spec' bushes but new shocks have different shaft diameters to original shocks so it can get convoluted. He suggests the clubs getting some made if possible as they're very likely not commercially viable.


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Hi, Rubbers for the stem type fixing is by and large down to the damper manufacturer. Back in the day when I was on the spanners and fitting dampers I found that stems came in a variety of rubber assemblies. Some had 3/8" stems with the thread at the end, some had a 1/2" shouldered stem with a 3/8" thread. The straight stem type sometimes had crush tubes of either steel or hard Nylon and sometimes no crush tube and the instruction to tighten the nut until the rubber was squeezed to the same diameter as the washers. It was all a bit like Forrest Gumps chocolates - You never knew you was going to get!! I suppose the another way is to try parts vendors that cater for more popular vehicle types like Ford or Jaguar and see what you can get.

I'll look that up.

Harvey said that rubbers could be made as per original with different-sized sleeves being available to accommodate the various shocks.
I suggested this to Mark Gray on my farceache thread on the P6 club page which he had commented on & he said he had been thinking along the same lines since the thread had got going & is going to research further with his rubber supplier. So watch this space.


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Im resurrecting this rear bush thread.
Ive purchased some poly bushes and they fit the shockie threaded shaft tightly. When ordering for the P6 -they said Ford Capri or Triumph 2500 fits.
The part number as it turns out is the same as mentioned in 2019 thread.
Im replacing the OE cup washer with a flat washer to stop the "cut in" from the cup washer.
What degree do I screw up the pressure on the locating nut? No hint in the WSM
I was thinking until the bush starts to squish
or is it until a snug fit?



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Hi Gerald,
I would tighten the nut until the bush is mildly compressed. Certainly, with rubber bushes, you feel the resistance to rotation in the spanner. The compressed bush will exert a force in the opposite direction which assists in preventing the nut from working lose.