BW35 upgrade ?


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Ive pulled my BW35 out as it has lost reverse gear and was slipping in top when cold.
50years of faithful service -120,000km[gen]
Ive found old school mechanic in my neck of the woods to work some magic and he has suggested I replace the bands with new Kevlar ones.
He recently did a P6b auto with these "new age Kevlar" parts for a client who was entering a major international classic car rally here in NZ.
The P6 went extremely well ,thrashed and bashed its way to the finish. The "new' bw35 was flawless under that duress.
Im quietly confident in his approach as he has 50 plus years of gearbox knowledge to draw on, having had a reconditioning business.
A "HarveyP6" from the antipodes.
As Ive never heard of this upgrade before, have I struck gold or am I being sold a unicorn?
"HarveyP6" I am hanging off your opinion !!
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Hi Gerald,

First off I made an adjustment to your post, replacing the incorrect use of "engineer" with mechanic. ;):)

I can only go on my own experience with kevlar bands. My Rover had one fitted in 1996. Why only one, I do not know :hmm:. In 2007 when the transmission was fully upgraded to accept the 4.6 litre engine, the one that had not been replaced was swaped for kevlar, the other that had been retained was not changed. He said it showed no wear, and advised that in Ford taxis, the bands regularly last 1 million km. Now in 2021, that kevlar band has seen over 253,000 miles (409,000km) of use. I see no reason as to why the mechanics would lie about what they tell me, bits and pieces inside a transmission are hardly secret. So on face value, they definitely last a long time.

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Thanks Ron
Great ,that's the response I was after.
My mechanic rang last night and gave me the rundown on the stripping of the box. Broken rear clutch and worn bands as thought.
He's got the green light from me to spend all my money.

If he fixes it better than it was. He will be my angel in overalls
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My BW35 box is back with new innards.
The old box had worn and broken parts, floating around in an oil slurry of minute metal filings. A wonder it drove at all.
Aussie XF Falcon with Kevlar bands, torque converter etc all in my old BW35.
No more type F oil needed anymore.
Fitting it into the car tomorrow.



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First drive today.
Bit of fiddling with the downshift cable. Ahh my big mits in tight spots.
All good eventually.
Runs better than new - smooth as silk through the range. Small clunk when coming to a stop. I can live with that.
Happy as a pig in s**t