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Hi to all! Since a week, I'm the proud owner of a P6 2000 TC from 1968. Originally from the country of origin (so a RHD), it crossed the channel in 1999. Since then, it has been standing for most of the time, since it was owned (I think from 2003 on) by a collector who has not or hardly driven the car. I bought it - unseen - at an auction, and now I have the challenge to get it back on the road again (the last official check up was about 20 years ago). I am very pleased with the car, but will undoubtedly have to spend many hours in my shed ;-) And for tips and tricks, I know where to find you all :)

Kind regards,
Bram Toussaint Raven



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how much did you get it for Bram?

bodywork looks fine ! what's the major hiccup with it? any priority issue that needs addressing? have you driven it at all yet?

by the way WELCOME!!:D
;-) No, I haven't driven it yet, it came by trailer. The motor has been running, but I didn't get it started unfortunately. Brakes are not in working order (and it figures: the brake fluid container is broken, so there's no pressure). I've found one big rust spot that has to be welded: the inside of the sill in the drivers compartment. Overall there is not that much rust, although it's certainly not rustfree ;-) The interior in the back has a nice patina, but in the front it's dried out and cracked. Not my main concern though.
I've already cleaned out the boot and treated it with Fertan; it was mainly surface rust. My current occupation is the thermostat housing: it won't come off! The studs are corroded, I guess the thermostat hasn't been looked at for about 20 years. So this is a real concern, it's seized solid :-( I actually think of sacrificing the housing and 'braking' it to pieces, to get to those &$%@&$ studs.
The underside has been treated with tectile, 20 years ago. And as we know, that can be good but it can also be bad (= hiding rust that eats away at the body without being noticed). But since the car hasn't been driven for a very long time, I think (hope) this will turn out to be ok.
Ah yes, what did I pay: the winning bid was 1600 euros (plus 140 auction fee, plus 140 transport). So all in all not a bad deal, I think.


Niet bepaald om de hoek, woon zelf in Maastricht. Ben benieuwd naar de voortgang van je project! Ga je nog een topic bijhouden in het 'Members Projects' gedeelte? Als je op Facebook zit, daar zijn o.a. de ROCH en een aantal Engelse clubs actief. Succes! :)
(... or should we speak English, out of hospitality and so everyone understands ...) I don't know if I have the discipline to keep track of a Members Project ;-) but will certainly think about it! And on FB, I am indeed a member of 1 of those mentioned, I believe. It's nice to know there are so many enthusiasts!