Hello all. Introducing me and my 1975 3500S

Hi All,
I am now the proud owner of a red 1975 3500S. (For the Aussie members who watch eBay you may have seen it very recently).
It's in pretty good condition and comes with a factory fitted sunroof.
I have never bought a car 'blind' before, but was unable to travel and view the car before the sale ended.
On initial inspection I am definitely not disappointed.
It does need some work but I will bore you with the details in future posts.
My P6 interest started in the UK with a zircon blue 1971 2000 SC - UK reg SJL 3K (if anyone can tell me if she's still going). She was retired to my garage for work which never happened and after about 15 fun years of ownership I finally gave it to my brother when I emigrated to Oz. He only sold it about 2-3 years ago. I definitely regretted not bringing her with me.

I expect to be asking you all for some serious amounts of help and advice over the coming months and years.
I will upload some photos when I am on my desktop PC as the ones on my phone are too large to attach.
I look forward to been part of the P6 community once again.


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Good luck with your car. I have got a red 3500S too which I love. You will find lots of people on here with a fantastic knowledge of the cars (though not me!). Good luck with your new purchase!
Hi all,
A selection of the initial photos from eBay which hooked me.
I've now had a chance to look over the car and I've a bit of work to do.
It starts first time but there are a few issues, the clutch and brakes being the main ones.
I'll start a new post as I've already got a few questions.
Cheers, Paul. IMG_2788.PNG IMG_2789.PNG IMG_2790.PNG IMG_2795.PNG IMG_2792.PNG IMG_2794.PNG
looks a very nice car, love the red , just like mine, took a lot of sleuthing to discover the correct name for the colour, just noticed a black roof to, just like mine...OOooooooooo :)
Paul, Welcome aboard.....Love the wheels, I'm a little bit partial as I have the same ones. s-l1600 (3).jpg Good luck with the car and hope to see stories of trips made and experiences had. Love the sunroof, that's a pretty rare item I believe.
Hi ButterFingers,
Any chance of sharing the correct name for the colour as sleuthing is not one of my strong points :rolleyes:
Hi there,
The colour is CINNABAR, group 3 (price), the paint shop did a lot of tinting to find the correct colour and eventually came up with a perfect match.
Mal, the mixer, then said that looks like a Dulon colour and he rummaged in his collection of very old colour cards and came up with the standard colour of CINNABAR and ordered a 4 litre tin of it in, ready tinted from the distributor.
It is absolutely spot on for a match, even after over 40 years...;)
I can obtain more information from the paint shop if you need it, BTW....
PS: any chance of re-posting your pictures the right way up, my monitor screen's too large to turn on its side? :p:)
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Congratulations on the car Paul... I was one of the watchers when it was on Ebay. The car was previously up on Gumtree about 6 months back looking a bit sorry for itself... with the fuel tank sitting on the floor next to it and up on axle stands. I remember from the advert that the seller had inherited the car from an elderly uncle, but the car wasn't quite his style. I'm guessing he was in the process of draining the fuel after it had sat for a while. I'm also a new P6 owner... (3500S - White - Factory A/C - and full length sunroof) and will post up some pics (and do a welcome message) once I have it on the road. Mine's been sitting for a few years so needs a bit of recommissioning.


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I had a set of those wheels on my last P6, funnily enough a Monza Red P6B with black vinyl. Didn't have a tasty sunroof though, very jealous :D

Nice aircon as well.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the compliments.
Ridgey, thanks for the info, much appreciated.
The reserve fuel tank is still disconnected in the boot. I suspect it is due to an electronic fuel pump being fitted and a new fuel line to the engine bay.
Unfortunately, the guy I bought it off could not give me any information about its history.
The rego sticker on the windscreen expired Dec 2005, so it has been sitting around for a while.
The clutch slave cylinder was seized solid so I have replaced that and stripped down and cleaned up the clutch master cylinder with new parts. Both available at Autobarn!
However, the car now does not start!!! Not sure on what I've done but I've got no spark at the plugs. I hope to sort this soon and finally take her for a spin around the back yard.
There is a growing list of jobs to do which I will share in depth when I know more. (Air con doesn't work, no power to the radio, no indicators but the hazards work fine just to list just a few of the initial problems I've found). Also, the radiator coolant expansion tank is missing so if anyone has a spare they are willing to sell please let me know.
Thanks again.