High level brake light


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I have a mint condition rover 45 2002
The back high level brake light stopped working so ordered another from rimmer bros
Fitted new one but still doesn't work however I have my other brake lights working
The other day I noticed when I put my rear Demister on my brake lights came on also as I was driving and applied my brakes i noticed my rear Demister light come on
I think i have a short some where any advise to where i should be looking
Many thanks
To explain the first reply; If there is a common earth used by both the heater and high level light, then if it is not earthing (broken, corroded etc) the light is not being earthed locally.
When you turn on the demister, the 12v will pass though the demister and because it's 'local' earth is not working, the 12v will pass through the high level brake bulb, which will power your other brake bulbs. Hence the brake lights are on.

If your 45 is a hatchback, then I'd suspect the flexible connector from the hatch to the chassis. You'll need to find the earth wire in that flexible connector and check the earth wire there first.

If it is a boot and therefore the rear windscreen is fixed then there must be a common earth wire, where it is, I can't help. You could try running a new earthing wire from the high level lamp holder.

I suspect a competent auto sparky should not take long to fix.

Fitted new one but still doesn't work
Good news is your demister is not burnt through.... And I suspect your new light is working.
If you remove the bulb the demister should not turn your brake light on, so best maybe to remove the bulb until you get it fixed.

Sorry to the electrical people here, they'll get annoyed by me talking about the 12volts traveling...... I'm a mechanical minded person and think of it like water in a pipe.