Inoperative rear calliper

my 1970 V8 had a full brake overhaul 18months ago. This included reconditioned callipers all round, new pads all round, reconditioned servo and new brake master cylinder. I checked the operation of the foot and hand brake after this work and all was well, in fact in passed its MOT shortly after.
Sadly, I've not used the car for around 12 months (handbrake off) and it was sat in my garage during that time. Upon returning it to the road I find that the NSR calliper is making zero effort with either the foot brake or handbrake although all other brake seem to be doing the right thing. Any thoughts?


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If you have absolutely zero braking with both foot and hand brake the only thing external to the caliper that I can think of is if the pads aren't close enough to the disc, and the caliper pivot pin is seized, but TBH I think that's unlikely, and you're going to be removing that caliper to sort it.
Thanks Harvey, that's my thought. Having read previous threads it seems that reconditioned rear calipers seem to have quite a high failure rate. Is there an obvious culprit I should check upon removal or should I just buy another recon unit to save the hassle of disassembling the caliper?


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I'd want to have a look inside before splashing out on a new caliper. I've heard tales of springs breaking and various other misdemeanours which could be easily fixed once the caliper is off.
having replaced all my callipers. servo, master cylinder. brakes lines and hoses. I still find I get issues with brakes sticking on ( seems to be a valve issue on the servo valve section. something about if not used ..a spring/pressure relief valve 'sticks' ) and handbrake imbalance ..even though from last MOT to latest was about 120 miles ( yes in a year..I get that many issues ) . so not doing too badly ..:) Harvey is correct on that it's best to strip it and have a look see. hopefully something really simple like the pivot pin seized and not allowing pads to engage ..
Only just got back to this job and the calipers are off the car now. I suspect that I may have found the problem, as indicated earlier, a siezed pivot pin. However having read through a few threads on this topic, I quote Harvey below:

"When you operate the quadrant with the caliper off, you hear the clicks as the pawl goes past the point where it will adjust the caliper. You get 3 or 4 clicks for each full movement of the quadrant IIRC".

On the O/S caliper, the above happens as described and the piston moves out and returns accordingly. However on the suspect N/S caliper, the piston moves out and returns but it's not accompanied by any clicks. What could be the problem?
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would have thought no clicks was indication that ratchet wasn't working so self adjustment to take up lay. and keep pads close to disc isn't going to work probably is at the heart of your issue. having a good look and or strip may be only way forward.