Interior Complete


Hi All,

Some photos of the finished interior on Grover. Thanks for all your advice. I got the carpet from Coverdale, the trims for the doors were SA Large Edge Trim from The Automobile trimming company, used lots of dynamat and also got a new handbrake surround from NZ. Seats and rear shelf were repaired by a local trimmer in vinyl and then colour matched. New sun visors made by same trimmer.

Was really chuffed to find a flawless passenger side scuff plate...this is now on the drivers side as they're interchangeable and looks like new.

Things I've learnt....The handbrake surround is held on by metal rods with star clips. I used a 3mm die and threaded these, then used a locking washer and nut to hold it down. It won't curl up now. Dynamat....Makes a subtle difference, but also gives a nice clean and smooth surface to glue underlay to.

The edge trimming was very tight. I'd have tried a slightly larger size again if I had to do it again (god forbid)

The Thicker underlay made everything tight fitting the seats again...Worth noting. Making holes in the carpet for the seat belts and seat mounts...I saw a video on Youtube suggesting burning the holes with a heated socket. Fortunately I tried this on an off cut first. the smell was wretched and the carpet discoloured slightly...So didn't do this in the end.

All metal parts (Seat Belt bolts, screws etc) I used a small DIY sandblasting cabinet. Came up like new. Soaked the seatbelts in nappysan for a day, the water was black when they came out. Look much better now.

Anyway, the car looks really good now, no musty smell anymore and it's generally more plush and a little bit quieter. A good project that has taken a couple of months of part time work.

Hope you like the photos.


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Looks really good. Not very often you see a P6 retrimmed to this goos a standard. The carpet looks really good, nice close cut pile by the looks of it very close to original trim.
Thanks for all the nice compliments. A professional trimmer replaced all sections of vinyl that were cracked with new vinyl. Then the entire seats were spray painted with a special beige flexible paint specifically for trim.