Lucas 6RA starter motor relay

I suspect after 41 years of use this part may be past its best. Obviously an oe Lucus part is not available. I have seen various outlets advertising replacement ones (Rover part number 563417) however these seem to have five terminals and my original relay only has four? Also I would prefer to use a more cost effective modern part, either Bosh or duralite. Despite speaking to a couple of relay suppliers nobody seems to know what I am talking about! Is there anyone on here who would know a correct replacement relay part, maybe even supply a link?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.


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Your 4 terminal 6RA relay is a simple single pole make or break one ie two terminal for the coil and two for the contacts. The contacts close when current flows through the coil. The 5 terminal one is a changeover version ie the contact at rest connects to one terminal and the when actuated changes to the other. It could be used as a direct replacement for a 4 terminal one . Virtually any simple modern cube relay will do the job such as 12 Volt Relay - make and break . AES also do a 6RA replica in a 4 terminal version Lucas SRB111 make and break relay (replica) which would be a direct replacement. AES also do a LUCAS 22RA for starter application LUCAS SRB301 22RA 12v starter relay
As usual gents, a swift, concise, and accurate solution to the problem, thank you all, especially roverp480

As an aside I purchased the generic make and break relay as detailed by rovep480, fitted low current 12 volt wires to terminal 85 and 86 (on the new relay) high current wires to 30 and 87 and now all is well

Fixed for £7!!

Now the car is running I will examine the original lucus item and see if cleaning the contacts renders the unit functional again
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