Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

Phil Robson

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Just supposing you have THREE P6s and it was starting to get a bit much keeping them all on the road together, when you have lots of other non-car things to do etc, etc.......

...& just suppose your P6s were the following:

1964 grey 2000 - around the 15th-oldest known P6 in existence - needs doors , bonnet & boot painting & really an engine strip down (although it's clean & rebuilt already) - original 3 letter / 3 no. reg,

1970 tobacco Three thousand five - reasonable nick daily driver, not that many body repairs - with power steering!

1971 zircon 3500S - daily 'hack' - 150k miles - needs door bottoms doing - early S (no. 732) built in December '71.

All are structurally excellent, have recently had their rear suspension fully rebuilt, & all are 'MOTd'.

Which would you think was the 'fairest of them all...'? o_O or alternatively, which is the least fairest of them all...? :confused:

Phil Robson

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Out of interest, how could 3 letter / 3 no. reg be original in 1964? Shouldn't it have a B suffix?
I understand that it was mainly in the south that 'A' & 'B' suffixes were issued in 1963 & 1964 as the various southern counties were running out of 3 numbers / 3 letters etc. It then became compulsory to issue suffix 'plates from 1st January 1965, ie: on a 'C' plate.

Of course the early production cars were registered in 1963 & didn't have 'A' suffixes - 145 FLK etc. Also, several early P6s have lost their original numbers & have been issued with a 'B' suffix instead. I remember 112 MMJ from years ago, that is now DRR ???B I believe.

Tom W

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I’d keep the early car as either of the other two are are more easily replaced if you want one again in the future.
As much as pains me to say it I would sell the 3500s. Think your profile picture lets us know which is your favourite :cool:

Phil Robson

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Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I’m hopeful that I’ll keep the 2000 until I’m in a box, so it’s a case of which of the V8s would go.... just supposing of course ;)


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If you prefer autos or manuals is the key I think... If it's a 4 speed s box then is that more likely to give issues than the auto?

unstable load

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If it was me, I'd put the early one in for a full works rebuild in my own time and then, having chosen one of the V8s, I'd strip the best off the other car to swap over to the one I am keeping and then sell the other one on or break it up if that was a better option.
just suppose that you did not have any cars,
many thousands in the bank,
cos you dont have anything to spend it on,
lots of mundane jobs to do around the property, just suppose that your did not belong to this forum...
just suppose its a dream.....so much supposing is bad for you, so keep one, your favorite and sell the rest....
enjoy the forum every day if you wish and never look at the bank balance , except at Christmas and summer holidays? ;)

just supposing Peter


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I have the same configuration of cars as you have, but a year later. A 1965 2000, a 1971 s2 3500 and the 1972 3500 s. The 3500 s has been my dream car since the eighties. The 2000 is a good restoration object and the 3500 is an original car that has done less than 70k miles and has been my Rover haven for the last 13 years. The 3500 s is nearly finished restored. But I will not let any of these cars go. They are too good for that!