Orange P6 2200

There is currently an orange P6 on eBay for sale that is wearing the badges of a TC, has a V8 interior, but has an SC (single carb engine). Can anyone on here tell me how I can identify from the VIN number or similar whether the car was manufactured as a TC or SC ??

Thanks, Adrian.
Thanks for that.
I'm pretty sure it's UK car, as it is RHD and has only one brake servo. The car apparently has lived most of its' life in Ireland.
Well it is back again for sale on Ebay. I am pretty sure it is an SC as it has only the drivers side door mirror! Was wondering if anyone on here had been to see it, I can't get much sense out of the seller.
the chassis number is 49102902A so should be a TC.
the last V5 was issued in 1999 and there is no mot history on record
so worth checking the chassis number against the actual car.
I think it was at the classic car show at Aylesford this year
Curiouser and curiouser !! I wasn't expecting that !
Thank you for the new information. According to the seller, it is not registered in the UK ! When it was previously for sale i managed to obtain a photo of the engine compartment, which clearly showed an SC engine with a blown water pump!
So, clearly the original TC engine has probably blown and been replaced with an SC engine of unknown origin.
I am inclined to wait for a response from the seller and depending on the reply, consider going and have a look as the car is about 50 miles away from me.


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Dealer who bought it at auction and now moving it on probably. Also carefully worded advert which doesn't tell you it is an SC. It's a bit rich him saying it was relisted due to a timewaster, guessing the "timewaster was expecting to see twin carbs on the engine. If he'd be honest with his listing to say it was an SC rather than TC he probably wouldn't have had the trouble!
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Hobby, I think you are correct! Also seller notes that "rear brakes need overhaul", sounds like a replacement caliper assembly needed, which sounds expensive !
I would not be put off by the fact the rear brakes want overhauling but i would be disappointed to find one carb missing if I was expecting to see two.
As Hobby says only the sellers fault for not being upfront in the advert but also makes me wonder what else has he failed to reveal



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Just out of interest, Adrian, have you pointed out that his listing clearly shows a TC badge but the photo he sent you has only one and asked him why he's not listed that in the description? ;)
It's a father and son combo. The father says that his son took the car in a px deal, and it is the father that has been responding to any Ebay enquiries. The father does not seem to have much of a clue about the significance of the SC engine and does take his time over replying to any enquiries. I will wait for them to respond and take it from there.


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Well unless he does he'll have another "timewaster" on his hands. If I turned up to pay for that car I'd refuse to buy it as well based on the current description/photos!
Okay, have managed to get a couple of pics from the seller which i have uploaded (I hope!). The chassis number ties up, and the engine I'm not sure about. I can't remember how to distinguish between a 2.0 and a 2.2! P2.jpg P1.jpg P1.jpg
well its a 2000 SC cylinder head at least . Cannot tell if the block has been changed without seeing the engine number
2200 will have a flat top style rocker cover and a raised 2.2 inscription above the top tensioner plug
I thought there was something odd ! I used to own until 1981 a series 2, 2000SC. I have asked the seller to let me have the engine number, i will post it on here when i get it.
engine number on the v5 back in 1999 was 49103529A
I suspect the car to be something different

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My gut feeling is that it is a 2000SC engine which from my personal experience is not the greatest drive !
Have not heard anything further from the seller but will keep you posted.