P6 Historic Racecar on ze bay


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Andrew Strachan's car. Started off at 100k, then went to 60k, now at 25k !
I think a lot of the goodies have been removed reading the text, don't know if it has a V5C, could be interesting trying to put it on the road but may be doable.

Maybe we will hear from him, I believe he is on here.
The original car is out here in Aus so I doubt it was built alongside it....The jag rear end is I believe a bespoke jag style rear end made to light racing spec rather than an actual Jag rear which is built for daily driving so much heavier in construction. Rob, who owns the original, said to me at one point that the standard Rover rear may well be better; though at the time we were discussing how the standard door and a fibreglass or aluminium skinned version would be little different in weight. All the weight is in the the window and its mechanism/frame. Mind you it is a very nice replica!


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Mike, sorry but you're wrong.

The original P6 racer is JXC808D, which lives in the UK and is maintained by AWS Engineering. The owner gave Andrew permission to copy the car, including the panels, in order to create his car.

The car you are referring to is JXC806D, which was the second car. That is the one owned by Rob H.

808 is also more original than 806. 808 still has the original P6B prototype base unit, whereas 806 was built on a brand new base unit which was then heavily modified after it went to Oz.
You are quite right chris, I was going off the Camel paint to align it with 806 as all the shots of 808 seem to have it in either blue or red.


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C'mon guys, I'm sure one of you must have 25 large you want to 'lend' me so I can daily this! I've been waiting a month now... :rolleyes:o_O:confused::p