Peloponnese Historic Rally


'Tis a pity to post over Per-Anders 20th anniversary post (cracking P6 example) so if there is a better place to post this, please move it :)

I was asked to post some photos of our adventure, a week touring the Peloponnese in seriously challenging roads and gradients. Our Rover 2000TC 1971 (original Greek import) was magnificent. We bought it from the original importer/owner, with 56000km in 53 years ten weeks before the rally. Quickly dealt with coolant leak, front suspension arms, bottom ball joint (thank you MrTask) and some odds and electrical ends, then drove it on (cough) challenging roads for 1500km with no significant problems, bar a speedo that varied between 35kmh and 70kmh, an odometer reading around 20% under (most of the time), and a night stage around the island of Spetses.
It was our first ever rally; simply magnificent fun and included some seriously characterful people and as well as hardware.
I'll post a few photos just for fun, and do a proper job if people want to see more.


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