Rear brakes

Hi grey Rover here. I am in need of a piston cup assy part number GI 64327649 to suit the rear brake caliper on my P6, I am in New Zealand. Any help appreciated.


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You might do better searching with the Rover part number not the Girling one.
The Rover part number is 601916
I did a quick search and found eBay seller Voking2000 had been selling them, maybe contact them initially



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I cleaned up a rusty pair of piston cups and had them re chromed, they came out well. There is no hydraulic seal to worry about, so they are not a safety critical sizing. With care you can remove the 'guts' in order to get the outer re plated.
Hi. Thanks for that but how do I find my PM ? I s it by email it might have changed, it is now I could find the item on ebay probably because of my computor ineptitude. John.
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If you log in to this site, then look at the top RH corner and click on INBOX. Then click on the message I sent you.

You may wish to edit your last post to remove your email from public view.

Hi Mark. Again thank you for your help, I have been in touch with Pierre (Voking2000) and have ordered the parts and when they arrive I will be able to get a full pedal again.