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Rear petrol pump live feed

Discussion in 'Electrics' started by life on mars, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. life on mars

    life on mars Member

    Hi can anyone tell me where i can find a live feed for a rear mounted pump? I would like to convert to the nada type system but can not find very much information on pumps or cable to operate the reserve tap :(
  2. clive P62

    clive P62 Active Member

    Some early series 2 V8s had the white wire ( not used ) behind the boot partition on the offside for the NADA/ air con cars with that bendix type pump which might be present.
    Unless you have a NADA or U/K car with A/C to break you won't get all the parts you need, all main/ return pipes/ rear mounted tap with mount bracket
    and so on.
    Better off looking up threads on here about underbonnet electric pumps, that way you can keep the front mounted reserve tap where it is.
  3. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Sound advise Clive
    Nothing is ever straight forward
  4. thamesroverp6

    thamesroverp6 Member

    I remember geting a elcetric pump from someone years ago from a mitsubishi (sorry cant tell you what it was from) and wired it/situated
    using a bracket i made utilising the old mech. pump bolt holes, for my series 1 v8 and worked a treat. Saved turning over on a sad battery.
    It always started but seemed to take a few turn overs before it fired, so i alway new gas was there after fitting it.
  5. life on mars

    life on mars Member

    Hi not a great fan of fuel pumps in front of the car next to headlights ect FIRE EXPLOSION DEATH not a good day out hench I would like to go down the NADA path is there no way a live feed can not come from the ignition?
    Found a thread C/R/F p6 news magazine from 1993 that went through the conversion process but it appears to be dead now when trying to follow the link:eek:

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