Seat Belt

Somehow over the years I lost the original seatbelt. Don't Ask!

At present I have a seat belt on the passenger side which was purchased by from AN Other.
The OEM S2 seatbelt is neither fixed nor inertia reel. It has a pendulum mechanism and won't lock if you yank it.
Hi Peter,

I'm aware of that, but if it is a genuine Rover P6 Series 2 seat belt they all have that facility as far as I am aware..

not keen on 'pendulum ' type as fitted so will replace next year for inertia type a is much prefer 'lock up' when yanking on a belt. trying to find a company 'was advertising' renewing belts for modern inertia but using your original old rover flittings ( locking pin etc) and so looks period correct etc . if anybody knows this company please let forums aware .thanks.
I would go for Securon, they're good belts. The listed Sd1 belt will also fit the P6. You just have to cut off the B/C post bracket which is the only difference.