Suggestions where to fit an MSD ignition module in a crowded 3500 engine bay!?


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I am going to fit an MSD Street Fire ignition gizmo. I'm a bit stumped exactly how and where! It ought to be adjacent to the coil but the space is taken up by the windscreen washer bottle. I thought about making a plinth for it that attaches to the engine steady bar mounts on the inner wing. My question is whether that sounds like a suitable solution or might it suffer from vibration more than if it were attached to the bodywork proper, like the inner wing? Thoughts?


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I had the same problem with the air filter on the EFI, so just put it where it sat best, and then moved the screen wash bottle over.


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When I needed to fit an electric fuel pump in the same position I made up a flat metal bracket that attached to the inner wing, plenty of room once you get your head into the bracket space :)