what bits do I need for a front caliper rebuild

The right front caliper on my TC has been dragging. On the way to work yesterday, the car was slow to accelerate, then drove normally, but I could smell some burnt material.
Checking the temp of the discs with a temp gun showed 40 C at Left disc, 110 C at Right disc.
I removed/reinserted the pads yesterday and the car seems to drive better. I re-examined the caliper today and found some holes in the boots where the pins contacted the rubber.
Inspecting the pistons showed some rust and the outer piston is proving difficult to return into the caliper.
So a rebuild is in order.
What parts are needed for the rebuild? The pads are still ok, so just a seal kit and pistons?


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Hi Roy,

Be sure to rebuild both calipers, even though the problem appears to be just with one. Pistons and a seal kit for each would be the go :wink:

Rebuilding just one could see the car pulling heavily to one side, not a good experience and very dangerous to boot, so always do both sides.

When disassembling my calipers, several holes were found in the dust boots. The calipers were rebuilt 4 years ago, and did use the correct parts for a 16P caliper with 1 extra part, a spring clip. Looking at several websites concerning girling caliper rebuilds, the proper dust boot has 1 end that slips into the narrow gap on the piston. "The other side of the boot rides on the side of the piston. The boot is shaped such that it naturally spreads toward the front edge of the cylinder to complete a sort of seal."
The person who rebuilt my calipers glued the caliper side flange to the caliper, and then applied a spring clip holding that side of the dust boot to the piston. I think this was done to attempt to create a better seal. I will rebuild the calipers without the glue and spring clip.
The design of the 16Pb appears to be better, with the dust boot groove in the caliper body above the seal. The next time my car requires a front caliper rebuild I will probably replace the 16P bodies with a set of the 16PB calipers.