Center Console park brake rubber


Guys now hit a real snag...any thoughts on getting the park brake rubber brake off?


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Remove the speaker grille in front of console, remove gear lever knob, put in 1st gear, move both front seats back and lift recliner levers, now lift front of plastic console up and forward, work gear lever and hand brake out of their rubber gaiters until you can release all.
A couple of strategically aimed squirts of washing up liquid might make the sticky rubber gaitors easier to remove, and later refit.
What about the screw under the rubber in front of the lever - little tongue lifts up.....? And screws under the ashtray?
AKM 3621 1972
76.25.07 R&R tunnel cover
"remove ashtrays
remove two nuts under rear ashtray, and one under front
remove screws from front of cover
Lift flap at base of handbrake lever grommet and remove drive screw
remove speaker panel - 2 screws
manoeuvre tunnel cover over handbrake and gear change levers
Is the screw a SII thing? There’s no provision for it on either of the SI cars I’ve had.