New convertible / Coupe project

As many of you may remember, I'm working on a new coupe / convertible project following the death of my original convertible due to terminal rot.

It's been pretty slow going this year with not a lot of work done other than trying to finalise the shape of the drivers side door / rear wing.

Anyway, today I managed to turn the car around so I can start on the passenger side. Quite fun as I rolled the car out of the garage, jacked it up in the centre, spun it round on the jack, then rolled it back into the garage.

Now it just looks like a standard P6 again. Time to break out the spot weld drill......

Interestingly I've had some emails from Rob Mellaart in Holland, he's been working on a coupe project, but is considering making a convertible instead, here's a couple of photo's he sent me.

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... And here's a couple of photos showing the current state of my project, and one of the central jack used to rotate it on the drive.

There's no engine in the car, so I just measured the length of the car and put it right in the middle. It was a little tail-heavy (loads of spares in the boot) on the first lift, so I moved it back a few inches and it was fine.


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Rob Mellart's project looks interesting. I had envisaged a similar slope for the rear window but mounted slightly further forward so as to lengthen the rear decker. That together with the two door layout should look really cool!

I guess the big problem is finding a suitable glass for the rear screen. The general effect is very much of a small P5 coupe - is the P5 coupe rear screen too wide to be used? Perhaps if it is you could cut and shut it a la P4 three segment rear window?

A possibility for the rear screen is to use a front screen, once I've finished doing the passenger side door/wing, I'll be looking closer at my roof arrangements, and offering up the front / rear screens at various angles.

Yes I have actually done some work on my project :O

And here are the photos to prove it....

Today I fitted my spare rear wing, re-fitted the front wing (to give me something to line up the new doors with)
Then I removed the doors and drilled out a huge quantity of spot welds in the bottom of the B/C post, cut through the top of the B/C post and removed it.
Those who have followed this project will remember exactly the same procedure on the other side about 2 years ago.... Oh well, at least it's progressing again now.

Latest update - Spent this weekend making up the strengthening panel and welding it in along with the b/c post, now moved back 10 inches. Also stripped the doors ready for cutting.

Tell me about it... at one point when I was folding the strengthener section, I was boxed in at the workbench, had to move all the junk behind me....

This year I am intending to clear an area of land to the side of the garage and build a nice big shed to store some of the "spares"
Managed to do some work on the rear wing today, cut 10" out of the door and welded it back together, then welded it to the wing to make the long wing. Also welded up the trim holes and the door handle holes. Finally just had time to apply the first skim of filler before Primeval started !

Forgot to add, if you look on the floor under the rear arch in the second photo you can see the section that was cut out of the rear door. Hopefully tomorrow I'll cut the front door and weld this section in.


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hi there yr project is looking very nice i wish i could do a p6 like that tell me somthing how hard is it to move the bc post mine needs to move bad about a ince how can i do that have u got any better pics how to move it and then weld it back up please let me know thanks gareth
ps keep up the good work
If you try the search function you'll find Richard's first series of posts which have blow by blow accounts with photos of your request. If you have trouble finding it come back and ask!


Hi guys, between the forum being closed and then re-opened, certain sections were removed, one of which had all my old project posts in it.
Luckily these sections were only moved into a storage section, so I've been able to move my posts back into the live forum.
Due to the dates of the posts they have come back in as the last topics in this "members projects" section.

Have a look, let me know if you need any more help. It's not too hard to move the BC post, basically involves drilling out a lot of spot welds ! :D

Unfortunately not much has happened on the project for a while, I've got to a stage where both sides are close to completion, so I'm ready to move on to the roofline and engine / gearbox. As is often the case with these types of project, other things take priority (read the wife decides what gets done !), and most of my car time has been spent keeping two daily driver 820's on the road.