Sticky Brakes 2000


Just taken our 2000 out for a gallop round before the next batch of crap weather arrives. Noticed when the brakes are applied the pedal moves fine, the brakes work ish then come on more. and work normally. When pressure is removed from the pedal, there is a delay in the brakes going off. When they do go off there is no binding of the brakes, so calipers must be fine. Which do we take to bits first, the servo or the master cylinder? It feels to me like the servo is slow in applying the brakes and the seals are maybe sticking in the unit? Only assuming this as the brakes when first applied feel like no servo assist and then come on. Assume if the opperating rod with the seals on in the servo sticks, the servo will think the pedal is still deppressed and keep the brakes on assist till the innerds slowly return? If anyone has had the same problem be good to know which it was. Cheers
Do you know which brakes are sticking? I’ve had problems where the rear brakes stick because the flex lines have swollen internally causing brakes to stick on. Front brakes because the pistons are slow to return due to corrosion on the piston walls. And as chalky says the air valve on the servo can get sticky.