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    Differential hanger bushes.....any ideas?.

    No, the difference is to the other side of the mount, which is why you’d have to shim the mount. It’s much easier to just buy the proper original mounts, which is exactly what I did 8 years ago when I started this thread!.
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    Differential hanger bushes.....any ideas?.

    It’s not that you can only get the ‘shorter’ mounts, you can buy 1.70” mounts, but as described above the centre tube is bonded into the rubber in a different place on 578080 mounts. To obtain the correct diff height for a late 3500 using the reproduced 553975 mounts, a 3/8 shim would be...
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    Differential hanger bushes.....any ideas?.

    They still don’t make the 578080 1.70” bushes which are correct for the late 3500. Wadhams have reproduced the 553975 1.70” bushes with the lower centre height.
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    dipping and stripping

    Here are some - I keep meaning to upload the base unit repair photos to the forum (months of work!), but never seem to get around to it. All the replacement panels were genuine Rover, or exact hand made copies. I found out very early on that the extra cost of genuine panels is rewarded in the...
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    dipping and stripping

    I can be rather more positive about the SPL process than some of the posts above. I had my 3500S base unit and panels chemically stripped, cleaned and electrophoretically (E-coat) primed back in 2012. I found their service and process to be excellent, and would have no hesitation in recommending...
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    2200TC 'overdrive' gearbox (on eBay....)

    Hi all, I just spotted this 2200TC engine with what appears to be an overdrive 4sp gearbox on eBay........ Rover P6 2200 Engine, Gearbox And Overdrive Unit Plus Spares Now before anyone starts shouting 'they never built one...', I must just mention that I have seen a 2200TC so equipped many...
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    Problem with flooding.......!

    No details, but an interesting photo I thought.
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    Ouch !!

    I had no idea about the accident or the tragic consequences. Presumably the photo of the car with it's rear end up on stands and the complete De-Dion and elbows missing was taken during the investigation?. It must have been re-fitted as the photos of the car in the salvage yard now show all...
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    Ouch !!

    Do we have any idea who's P6 this NADA look-alike was?. Looks a very heavy shunt - I hope everybody was OK.....
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    Triumphant 2000 Mk2 prototype? ... 2ec94b4200 Now Triumph's are not really my thing, and I am no expert at all, but would a 1967 Mk2 prototype really have full production spec Mk2 seats, dash, steering wheel, body shell.....etc?. ....................buyer drove away happy. Car...
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    1968 S1 2000 on Copart

    At Sandwich, Kent..... ... CH_RESULTS
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    Buckskin ET headrests wanted to swap with black ones.

    I have a pair in Buckskin that I would be willing to swop for Ebony Mike. They are in good condition - I will post some pics and you can see what you think.
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    Sad News - LDD fire

    As posted in Cars Spotted...
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    Fire damaged LDD750P heads North......

    Spotted just after lunch today on the Northbound A1 near Peterborough. This car belonged to forum member Neil, and very sadly suffered a severe engine fire. It was sold on Friday via Copart Salvage Auctions in Sandwich, Kent. The phone number of the transport firm shown on the truck cab was...
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    Sad News - LDD fire

    Poor old LDD just sold for £1100 plus buyers fees and loading charge at Copart (Sandwich, Kent). Quite strong money given the severe damage, but here's hoping it will see the road again one day!.