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    Advice on replacing the pipe from fuel pump to carb

    Copper is not a good idea. With the carbs being flexibly mounted, the copper pipe will crack sooner or later unless you put a strain relief loop in and a loop will be a a magnet for vapour lock. At the very least, you need a short flexible section. My guess from the picture is that the pipe is...
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    Filling the P6 with fuel

    The fuel filler has two pipes, one inside the other in a coaxial arrangement. You put the fuel down the central pipe and it vents through the outer pipe when you are filling it. Assuming the car has not been apart and the inner pipe discarded, as it's a pain to install. You can fill to the...
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    Sam Glovers 2200TC goes up for sale

    That 68 seems a little odd. It has the blue patch under the TC badge and blue sail panels, which would be very, very odd for a 68 car. As well, it has a black interior and every blue sail car I've seen (including the one in my back yard) had red interiors. It has the anti burst pin inthe door...
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    before i do something unnecessary........

    Or just drill it for a small roll pin. Yours Vern
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    before i do something unnecessary........

    I'm not sure where in the world you are, but I'd recommend JB Weld over the locktite if you're thinking of gluing it on. Cheaper and easier to work with. Yours Vern
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    Very interesting post on Craig’s List

    Nice that the not correct stuff is explained for the most part, i.e. later grill badge, icelert, front valance & bumper overriders replaced after a collision. But otherwise the only not-1966 part I see is the brake fluid reservoir isn't a metal can. The colour is Wedgewood Blue. Yours Vern
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    Uprated ARBs no longer available from Torsion Performance

    17 to 18.5 mm, all else considered equal, would be about 9% stiffer. Yours Vern
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    Wildly fluctuating tick over

    It's possible the carb has greater problems that a rebuild kit will fix. In particular, a badly worn throttle shaft & bushings is going to make it impossible to set a reliable idle between the air leak & the butterfly ending up in slightly different positions every time you move the pedal...
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    roof fixings

    78744 should be the acme thread style Yours Vern
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    roof fixings

    Thinking about this a bit more, my parts books (and parts) stop at 1970 or there abouts. It's quite possible the later cars use a more normal (i.e. cheap) sheet metal type screw, which could be the GHF427. I've never seen the acme form screws on anything other than a Rover when I was wrenching...
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    roof fixings

    They are the acme thread form type. Yours Vern
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    roof fixings

    Very early cars used a 10-32 x 1/2 screw. Later cars use a #10 x 1/2 "drive screw", which means it has coarser, wood/sheet metal screw type thread or a vaguely acme thread form (I can't remember which now). I'll try and find an example. Yours Vern
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    Rare Auto USA

    The problem with that theory is the car does have reflectors on the rear fenders. And no holes for the trim or badges on the front fenders. Makes me certain the front fenders at least have seen repair or replacement. Yours Vern
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    Rare Auto USA

    It can't be City Grey, must be Burnt Grey. City Grey wasn't available in 69. And it's had more than just a door repainted, the front fenders are lacking the front reflectors, stainless side trim & the 2000 badges Other than that and whatever lies under the sills, looks to be a nice car. Yours Vern
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    Poor Aerial performance ?

    The roof acts as the ground plane for the aerial, so yes the angle is important. The more vertical it is the better. But how much better is a real question. Yours Vern