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    where do I find these clips?

    The gear lever boot clips fit on plastic studs moulded into the console and they screw down rather than push on. Yours Vern
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    1971 TC 2000-No 2nd gear

    If it is a late model car with the remote housing then the selector finger will not be adjustable, it is pinned in place. Yours Vern
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    Temp Sender Hex?

    Ah, I somehow got the impression it was a taper thread. Yours Vern
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    Temp Sender Hex?

    3/8 NPT of course tapers, so the major diameter the thread is going to depend on where you measure it. The taper is .75" per foot, so if the thread is an inch long it would be .6125" or so at the tip, which is getting close to the mystery thread measurement. Yours Vern
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    wiring diagram

    No problem with the pdf. Yours Vern
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    wiring diagram

    This talk of the P6 wiring diagram being complicated makes me laugh. It fits on a single sheet of paper for crying out loud. Our 2012 Passat wiring diagram is a 263 page book (actually it's 630 pages, but the rest are about where all the electrical hardware is located around the car, not the...
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    Cylinder head removal

    Sadly, those guys don't seem to have anything for the P6 4cyl cars. Yours Vern
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    Cylinder head removal

    All I can say is I've seen a flat ring used, and it failed quickly. The quad seal rings are designed for use in dynamic (i.e. moving) sealing. They are not designed for static use. I'd also point out that the DeDion tube uses quad seals, so Rover was quite aware and chose to use a round section...
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    Cylinder head removal

    Don't do that. I've seen one engine where that was done, it didn't work. Yours Vern
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    Servo parts

    There is only one version of the reaction valve assembly, it's a common part used on many, many British brands in the 60's & 70's. Yours Vern
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    Seat runner bolt stuck

    I'd cut just the head off so you have plenty of screw to get a grip on, remove the runners and trim so you can get at the nut plate and then the usual story of penetrating oil & cursing to get the screw out of the nut plate. Good luck. Yours Vern
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    Door seal Replacement.

    I've always drilled out the rivets and removed the entire seal, then made up new staples out of stainless lock wire. Yours Vern
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    New Project, 1966 2000 TC

    That looks like a good project car, but are you sure it's a 66? It looks more like a 67 to me with the Rostyles & the chrome overriders. Yours Vern
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    Dip Switch Question

    Was it a German spec car? A NADA spec car would have a foot switch and the stalk switch would only flash the high beams. Yours Vern
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    Factory antenna

    I see you're assembling a nice collection of not quite right. Yours Vern